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Set free the Dancer in You 

"In us is the rhythm of life- our heartbeat, if we are breathing, we have a rhythm, so we can always dance. As an artist in dance, I can testify that dance is an important part of all of our lives. We all have danced at least one time in our lives. Dance is healing dance is therapeutic. Dance can be any emotion you ever felt--- you can translate it into the dance."

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Jemilah J. 


My Story

Jemilah is a South Florida Native. Arts have been a part of her life since 3 years old. She began teaching dance at age 15 for local dance schools and churches. In HighSchool attended Dillard High School for the Arts in Theater. She was a member of the Tony Lodge Dance Company and performed with Brazil Dance Theater. She also performed with the Florida Arts Opera Theater as a teen performer, She also had many television appearances. Dance gave her an opportunity to travel with many artists throughout the United States as a teen.


Florida A&M University is where her love for choreography and the implementation of dance programs for children and adults began. She choreographed for Florida A&M University pageants as well as dance programs for local community centers throughout Tallahassee. She started the first Collegiate Dance Ministry in Tallahassee, Vessels of Virtue. This dance ministry consisted of collegiate
students from Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University, and Florida A&M University who loved God and dance. During her time in Tallahassee, FL Jemilah created a dance curriculum for dancers presenting how dance and God connect.

Living in Atlanta, Georgia Jemilah performed for thousands weekly across the world through broadcasting programs and taught over 130 dancers ages 3 to adults, Tap, Modern Dance, Ballet, West African, and Praise Dance at New Birth Missionary Church.

Currently, she resides in Fort Lauderdale. She was the Dance Director for Mt. Hermon AME Church where their dance Ministry placed 1st and
place consecutively for 10 years in the AME Heritage were over 80 dance groups
compete from The Bahamas and the State of Florida. She is now the Artistic and
Programs Director for Ashanti Cultural Arts, a Non-Profit organization that serves over 2,000 residents in the arts yearly. Each year through Ashanti students are able to spend Spring Break in NYC where they take private classes, auditions, private dinners with Broadway performers with Alvin Ailey American
Dance theater, Julliard, NYU’s Tisch School of Dance. This program was created by
Jemilah for teen and preteen aspiring dancers.


She is the founder of Dance by Jemilah which offers workshops on dance, programs, and performances in various dance styles. She is the author of Dance through YOU which is a Biblical Workbook for dancers who want to experience the connection of dance and praise. She currently is an Artistic liaison, Teacher, and performer for The Reign Dance Company. This company provides dance workshops, performers, and choreography for Gospel
artists throughout the world.


Jemilah has taught and choreographed over 5,000 students the art of dance from all over the world. Jemilah has appearances on the Book of John Gray on the
OWN network and many other television appearances.


Through personal life experiences, dance had become a major part of healing for Jemilah - through her Early Childhood Education degree and experience with mind, body and movement connections Jemilah was able to create DANCE TO LIVE. Dance to live is a dance movement outlet for people to release through dance no matter their age background or ability.


Jemilah has provided classes and workshops for Communities, City
organizations in using dance classes for health and wellness. Each dance class has different aspects whether through music, or various dance styles These classes create an environment for participants to relax, find joy, and learn about their body and movement.




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